Walt Disney Research Paper

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It’s no doubt that creating a family oriented theme park based on popular, beloved cartoon characters and imagination was a good idea. From Cinderella’s castle to the famous Main Street, U.S.A, there’s something extraordinary lying around every corner. Walt Disney World, other wise known as “the happiest place on earth”, or the place “where dreams come true”, was founded by a man with a dream of creating a place where children and parents could spend time together while making amazing memories. However, this extravagant amusement park is only one of the major accomplishments of Walt Disney. Walt Disney’s greatest achievement is the impact he made on America’s mass media industry. Disney took his talent for art and design to the next …show more content…
Determined to build Disneyland, Disney went as far as to borrow the money out of his life insurance, despite his brother Roy’s disapproval (Miller 81). Once Disney had all of his resources and plans collected he was ready to start constructing his dream theme park.
In order to create Disneyland, Disney founded WED (Walter Elias Disney) Enterprises, or better known as the Walt Disney Imagineers (Dehrer 37). The group was in charge of creating and constructing the Disneyland Theme Park. The first group consisted of almost 200 members with various job titles including graphic designers, architects, lighting designers, engineers, show writers and illustrators (Dehrer 38). These individuals worked together to plan and create the park’s media, such as live shows and park maps (Dehrer 38). Disneyland opened in June 1955 to a very eager and large crowd ready to explore the new land of Disney magic (Neuman 83). The park is located in Anaheim, California and consists of five different areas throughout the park: Main Street USA, Tomorrowland, Frontierland, Fantasyland and Adventureland. Each area includes different rides and attractions. Just through the entrance of Disneyland is Main Street USA, which leads to the center of the park where you will find Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Along the way there are multiple shops, restaurants and venders. After exploring Sleeping Beauty’s castle,