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Lizzy Phillips
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27 Feb 2015 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Constantly daydreaming and imaging a different life than yours is what James Thurber did best. The most famous of Thumber’s stories is “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” processed in New York in 1939 as a short story. It was made into a 1947 movie of the same name, though the movie is very different from the original story. It was also adapted into a 2013 film, which is again very different from the original. James Thurber had two brothers, while playing a game of
William Tell his brother shot him in the eye with an arrow and lost an eye. The injury would later cause him to go completely blind. Because he was unable to play sports and do activities he learned to express himself in writings. Having such a big imagination lead him to think something was wrong, when he went to the doctors they diagnosed him with Charles Bonnet syndrome a disease that have has you daydreaming and thinking you have done something you really havent. The original short story of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” is comical and interesting although the movie from 1947 and the film from 2013 does not follow the storyline it is still humorous and fascinating.

Appeared in The New Yorker as one of the best stories they have ever had. Spending more time in heroic daydreams than playing attention to the real world is what Walter Mitty did.

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As he told the story, he tells about things he accomplished and if he was masculine in the really world based on what he though as he daydreamed. The storie was brought out after world war two, he gave a manly expression as the dreams went on. He had a imagination of a fifteen year old boy, he had dreams of saving people and along the lines of trying to be a strong, smart man.
Walter always when back and forth from daydreaming to the real world in the short story; it gets confusing but it has a good storyline. I feel like most New Yorkers would not have gotten it until the review came out about it. Walter Mitty just daydreamed about things he never had or did in real life. I am not inlove with this short storie just becuase it was so confusing. The 1947 movie staring Danny Kaye following the short story of "The Secret Life of Walter
Mitty". His escape from their incessant needling is to imagine all sorts of exciting and impossible lives for himself, fueled perhaps by the pulp magazines he reads every day as an editor at the
Pierce Publishing Company. But his dreams only seem to land him in more trouble. He was daydreams of being a doctor and saving a life when he was driving his mother around, she is quite bossy towards him. His mother drops him off at the train station, things become much more complicated when he runs into a mysterious women, who just happens to perfectly resemble the girl of his dreams. The women is trying to run away from nazis during World War Two, Walter try's to help he along the way. Caught up in a real­life adventure that seems unbelievable, Walter attempts to hide his double life from his family and friends. Eventually, he acquires the courage to stand up to those who kick him around.

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The last thing that has came out of "The Secret Life of Walter