Walter Mitty Paper

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Walter Mitty woke up to the sound of singing birds and the magnificent rays of the morning sun. Walter Mitty got out of bed, stretched his body like a cat and began walking downstairs. What he saw downstairs sent a thrilled of excitement and joy through his body. His wife, two brothers, and his mom were all waiting for him with a big cake as they yelled “Surprise!” Walter jumped with joy as he said “thank you so much, I almost forgot that it was my birthday!” Walter’s wife exclaimed “Oh, what fun we are going to have, we are going to ride some roller coasters!’ It took a little over two hours before Walter was stepping into the first roller coaster. His mind was racing full of excitement. As the straps came down over his head, he gripped them tightly, and eased up.
Zoom Zoom, Zoom, and they were off. Walter Mickey was in 50th place in the Daytona 500. He was gripping the wheel tightly and ever so closely gaining on the leader. There were only 40 laps left and Walters mind was racing. He was zipping through cars flying at outrageous speeds. Through Walters built in radio he heard his crew chief say, “Walter there’s just been a crash, four cars have just collided and it doesn’t look pretty.” Walter replied “Don’t worry chief…I got this.” Walter saw an opening in a line of cars; he saw a chance that would put him in the top 10 for the final 20 laps. He accelerated to 200mph, going at speeds where a crash would prove fatal. The smallest mistake and Walter could be grinding up against the wall or face down in the ground. But Walter had no fear; he lived for pain, taking the risk, and above all, victory. As he came around the track he saw the damage of the NASCAR driver’s car, which was not such a nice car anymore. While everybody else slowed down, Walter sped up. Passing cars left and Right threading the needle in every way possible, Walter made it through the wreckage with nothing but a little sweat on his brow and his fierce determination to win the race. There were two laps left and Walter was racing head to head with three other cars. Racing at dangerous speeds Walter got into second place and was catching the draft of his opponent’s car. He got reared from the back, and the right side.…