Walter Mitty's Dream: A Short Story

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Walter Mitty's Dream

He heard the cracks of the rifles...
“Walter!” Mrs. Mitty yelled at her surprised husband. Do I smell smoke on you? I told you to quit smoking! You it is not good for your lungs! And, I don't fancy losing my husband anytime soon.” He coughs, and out of the confusion, automatically says, “Sorry honey, you're right,” even though he didn't mean it.
“We should be getting back home, it.'s getting late. Where did you park the car?” “At the parking garage up the...”
“ Uhh! Why did you have to park the car so far away?” cut in his wife. “Now we have to walk back there, and you know I am always distracted by those travel agencies and art galleries. You really need to start thinking more.” She turned and started moving
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Let's keep it moving. With that attitude we will never accomplish our mission to rescue General Nezzar. He is being held hostage at the top and he won't be able to thank you for anything. The soldiers followed their leader's command. They started their long trek up the 649 steps of the Eiffel Tower with little enthusiasm. About half way up, one of the soldiers asked, “What if they are aware of our intentions, sir?” 'Sargent Mitty quietly encouraged his men by stating, 'We have two advantages: the benefit of number and the element of surprise. And if we keep it quiet, they won't know there are so many of us coming the save our General.” An idea sprang to Seargent Mitty's mind..pass the word; everyone remove their boots, carry them, and walk in your stocking feet for maximum stealth.” Understanding their sargeant had never failed them before, they followed his command With greater instilled confidence from their sargeant, They picked up the pace with a more enthusiasm. That's more like it he thought. Having endured the tedious climb, they reached the top few steps. Sargeant Mitty turned and whispered his plan to man directly behind