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Business description:
Business activity:
This business is about a motel which is apart from providing the basic services. We launch a major theme room. Our main customers are people who using cars and motorcycles as tools for travelling . Of course, there are also backpackers from all over the world and the local couple and families in Auckland.
We not only provide the basic services but also including the birthday parties and even wedding .if the customers need other services like booking cakes ,we can also give that. Our motel is located in the the NORTH COTE in north shore of Auckland. We provide phones booking and u can also book on website.
This shop will open 7days and 24 hours per day.

Products and services offered
This motel can be providing taxi cab service also provides car rental services to those people who needs own self –tour guests.
Every room in our motel is linked its own car parking area .You can choose Your favorite theme room ,and for sure all these offering will be providing in exchange certain price.
Its not only a place for tourism to stop and sleep ,and also for people who need a place to relax and have a big party without worrying clean.

Type of opportunity
The type of opportunity for BLISS MOTEL is the new type of services it is offering to its customers. No one before Bliss motel give their customers the ability to come and order so wild range and that many kinds of services in a mote in NEW ZEALAND .So the opportunity lay down by offering a new type of services that might attract more and more customers to come and use BLISS MOTEL SHOP services.
Uniquenes of the product \services and competitive advantage:
Our ideas that allows people to choose what topic room they want. It will attract more people especially family and young people to come when they want to give a special night or party for their friends and family. And maybe someone wants to live in the sea world and they want to have a cartoon room we can help them to fruition. There is no one motel is doing as the same business as I do so far, so there will be widely marketing and less competitions that just with the cake shop which is selling the normal cake to customers.
Growth potential:
At the start the company will be operating and focusing on the Auckland market,but in the future it has the