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Many leaders in history use some of the same tactics as Napoleon. They are powerful tactics that are used to gain what they want. Napoleon uses many tactics throughout the book. Some of them work out really well, and others don’t. In George Orwell’s novel, Animal Farm, the animals are tired of being mistreated and tired of Jones’s rules. They plan to take over the farm in a couple of years, until one day when it all just happens. The animals are now in charge of themselves. The pigs were the main leaders for all the other animals. The farmers come back and try to get the farm back, but they are defeated. Napoleon doesn’t agree with Snowball and chases him off of the farm. He decides to build the windmill that Snowball was planning on building. A neighboring farm comes and almost blows of the windmill. The pigs start changing rules and telling the animals things that aren’t true to make life better for the pigs. In the end you can’t tell a difference between when Mr. Jones was there and from the pigs now. Napoleon uses fear and manipulation to take over the farm and get the animals to go along with him.

Napoleon uses manipulation to gain what he wants through the other animals. He was telling them how Snowball was a “traitor” and he had been working with Mr. Jones from the beginning. He also told them that something bad would happen if they continued to fallow Snowball. Napoleon would tell the animals anything to get them to be on his side. He would tell them stories about Snowball sneaking on the Animal Farm in the night and destroying their crops and damaging things. He didn’t know if it was actually Snowball or not, but would blame him for it anyway so the animals would see him as a bad person. Napoleon also lies to the animals about the amount of food that they have. He says that they will have enough, but in reality, they have very little food left. This makes the animals think that they will be okay, but actually they could starve to death. The pigs tell the other animals that they need the apples and milk so they can stay smart and be leaders. They just want all of it to themselves. When the pigs start drinking alcohol they, change the commandment on the wall to make it say, “No animal shall drink alcohol to excess” (page 49 Orwell), when really it was, “No animals shall drink alcohol” (page 49 Orwell). Napoleon told them that they remembered it wrong and it had always been like that. By changing the commandments to make the pigs lives better, it makes them no better than Mr. Jones.

Napoleon is good at knowing what he wants and not caring how he gets it, as long as he gets it. He uses fear to get the other animals to do what he wants them to do even if they don’t want to do it. Napoleon always tells them that Mr. Jones will come back if they don’t do what they are told. The animals are very scared of this because they