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Regina Campos
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Individual Paper
MARCOM selection:
The first marketing communication I picked was a commercial that’s shows Uber app it is a convenient way of getting a ride. You can “Ride in Style,” wherever you are. It is an app based and easy to request a ride with a touch of a button. It provides a solution a problem that impacts millions of people dealing with hectic traffic cities.
The second advertisement I picked shows how you can choose your ride. From a practical and door-to door to a pick up truck an affordable price. I picked this because it stood out the idea that Uber app has a car for anyone and any occasion, also they can select their car.
The third piece I picked it shows how simple three steps and you will have you ride with private driver in minutes. It shows that you do not need to have cash with you very convenient. This makes you feel more comfortable. I picked it because Taxis are sometimes a hassle calling them and sometimes they do not show up and with Uber you can track your driver, very unique.
Target Group:
Uber app targets mostly people who want to have a luxury car ride. Both women and men, who have a good lifestyle, have social life, and that do not want have the hassle of driving in big cities looking for a place to park.
Focused on people who are looking for more upscale rides rather than a yellow taxi, people who are tech-savvy, trendy, and also live a busy and active lifestyle.
Uber app is trying to make people’s lifestyle easier they want repeat customers. They want brand loyal customers, which will use Uber app frequently knowing they will have a successful ride.
The fact that Uber is an app based and by a push of a button you request a ride. These ads are directed more towards people with busy lifestyle in big cities with a lot of traffic.
Uber app general target market consists of people with busy lifestyles, who want not an ordinary cab ride but more of a luxury car.
The Sub-population is directed toward both male and female with a busy lifestyle who care about luxury. People who are tech- savvy and feel like having a private driver.
Uber app tries to reach out to male and female by emphasizing the convenience and the idea with just a push of a button you can request a ride and you do not need t have cash with you.
Uber is now trying to stress that is really convenient for college students as well. My advice to them is for them to keep expanding towards college students because Uber app moves people safe and quickly where they need to go without having to use their car. It can save them from a DUI when a night out.
Appeals used:
Primary Appeal: The primary appeal is convenience because with Uber app you do not need to have cash with you. Uber always emphasizes the ability to request a ride from a touch of a finger quickly and easy. This company cares about their customers and making their life easier.
Secondary Appeal: The secondary appeal is safety. Uber app makes sure to do a full background check to their drivers. They look for any criminal,