War: Causes and Outcomes Essay

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Joshua Liu

Ms. Handly

English 1 Honors, Period 1

3 September 2013

Causes of War, Positive Outcomes, and Negative Outcomes

There are many reasons as to why countries go to war with each other; it could be because of the ownership of rich land, good resources on the land, and rebellion within the country. One reason is because of the owning of rich land. Countries looking to expand their land will claim the territory simultaneously and begin to brutally fight each other for the land. The countries will quarrel amongst themselves for a long time and eventually still won’t agree on who gets what, until war becomes their final option of settling the issues. They fight viciously until one victorious country emerges from the smoke and obtains the land. Meanwhile, battles also spark because of precious and valuable resources in the area that could either help to take over another country or strengthen an economy. The resources could be underground, exposed, rare or common but expensive like oil and diamonds. When countries discover these facts or rumors, they will argue eternally over who will get the resources. Another major cause for argument is internal rebellion causing the country to demolish itself. An example of this is the Civil War in the United States when the Northerners fought the Southerners for slavery rights. The extreme usage of slavery in the South caused the North to fight to expel slavery from the whole country. In the end, most reasons for wars have negative outcomes on the nations; on the contrary, there are also some positive outcomes for war. Although there are many negative outcomes of war, there are also quite a few positive outcomes of war. Conflicts between countries can lead to war that later on after over taking the emperor and taking over that country leads to the end of tyrannies. We save people from the dictators who torture their country’s people and steal from them. Another outcome is land gained after taking over a country’s territory. The populations living there lose their lives and their homes become free for the winning country to take. The next outcome is that a country can gain freedom from winning a battle. If the people of the country were being oppressed, then the victor would bring them freedom. The people now live in peace without having to tremble in fear about how to please the ruler. Finally, the battles will lead to a confidence boost in the country’s strength. As more wars pass by and they achieve more victories, the country…