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The reasons as to why the bombs should have been used on Japan are because despite all the damage being done and that was already done because of the war, Japan still refused to surrender. It was well-known that Japan would rather fight to the death than surrender and they often used the strategy of having one of their men basically commit suicide to eliminate a soldier on the opposing side. Allies past bombing in Japan had resulted with as many as 100,000 and plus, people killed and thousands of building destroyed but Japan would still refuse to surrender. The decision to drop the atomic bombs on Japan saved as many as 100,000 American soldiers and 1 million japans civilian lives as well as speeding up the process of ending the war and showing other countries the Allies domination.

The reasons why the bombs should have not been used on Japan are because the already lack of war supply on Japans side was practically ensuring their defeat very soon. The bombing was also extremely inhuman and cruel considering the results. The first bomb dropped in Hiroshima killed about 50,000 people and destroyed much of the city. The second bombs dropped in Nagasaki killed about 40,000 people. Not only that, but the long term affects Japan was left with cost many more lives. The radiation left behind because of the bombs affected the civilians resulting in more deaths and the bomb led to a nuclear arms race for countries to show who has the most power.

There are many reasons