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How does ‘War Horse’ present war?
War is presented in the wonderful, sad, comical and gruesome film ‘War horse’ as very negative and in also presented in a pessimistic way. It starts of as Albert narracott whose dad Ted narracott bought a horse to plough his field but the horse he bought wasn’t a ploughing horse. Albert volunteered to train the horse and did. War time came and joey (the horse) had to go into war. Albert went into war with him.
The trenches were filled to the top with mud and deep puddles the size of a pond, this is due to the bad luck of the horrific weather that they were cursed with. There were dead horses and bodies scattered around no-man’s land. This evidence suggests how war was horrific by the mean of people dying constantly.
When they were ready to go over the top there was a man who came along with a bucket saying valuables in this bucket, if you come back you can have them back. If you don’t the others will get to share it between themselves. This piece of evidence shows how brutal in their speech they are to the soldiers and it just make the soldiers even more nervous.
When the brave soldiers were getting ready to go over the top with all of the bombing going on in the background and also with the bullets and guns being fires at the trenches the ambitious soldiers finely went over the top, as they did half of them fell back into the trenches dead. This states how many people died in the war and how enthusiastic they all were. How they were all