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By the spring of 1812, President James Madison knew war with Britain was inevitable. The War of 1812 was imposed upon an unwilling nation, many were reluctant to fight. The war was incited by most of Madison’s new party members, called War Hawks by the Federalists, who were eager for a new war with Britain. Mr. Madison’s War, as so nicknamed by Federalist opponents, had a main goal which was the conquest of Canada. Various other reasons incited the war, such as impressment, the result of the Macon’s Bill #2, the British invasion of American forts, and the British Orders in Council of 1807 that condemned the flow of American trade, especially with France. The War of 1812 was strongly opposed by the Federalist Party. The ultimate lesson was the foolishness of leading a divided and unconcerned people into battle. It was put on a nation that did not want to, and was not prepared to go to War, as shown by documents C, D, E, G, and I. Document G addresses that war will be too expensive and that it will ruin the country. It also talks about the unnecessary acquisition of Canada, also supported by Document C, which says that our object in the war should be the control of Nova Scotia. America was not prepared to go to war, this is supported by document D. Document E says that war is pointless because it will not compensate for people’s losses and or alleviate their suffering. It asks how war on land will save commerce on water and that it was demanded by honor. Recent elections had removed many of the older members of Madison’s party and replaced them with young men, eager for war, named War Hawks. The newcomers were anxious to go to war with Britain. These new members were tired of the impressment of American sailors, described by document L which talks about a few of the many impressed men. Macon’s Bill led the British to deicide that if America couldn’t trade exclusively with the British Empire, then it