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The War of 1812 is often referred as the second war for independence. The newly established colonies suffered from increasing stress and strain from 1812-1820. The War of 1812 did not aid the colonies and many influences hindered the growth of America. During the War of 1812 foreign relations with Great Britain were increasing. The British where interfering with Americas independence. British forts where still on US territory especially in the west which angered many citizens. The British used these forts to aid the Native Americans. The British supplied the Indians with guns and encouraged them to attack American settlements. The Americans went to war with Britain because they were closer to the British colony of Canada and the Americans wanted to annex it. They thought they could conquer Canada and inhabit the land from the British. The British instigated the war by stopping our ships and impressing our sailors. This caused an increase in tension and a decrease in economic profit from our ships. The British impressed our sailors even after America signed a document of neutrality. When the Treaty of Ghent was signed in 1814, both the US and Britain agreed to stop fighting and an armistice was established. As a result of this treaty there was an increase in nationalism. As a result, colonists were confident in their ability to beat the British. On January 8, 1815 the British invaded New Orleans. Andrew Jackson lead the American charge and controlled 7,000 sailors, pirates, Frenchmen, militia and free black volunteers to fight the British invasion. The British were overconfident and as a result lost to the American people. Andrew Jackson’s victory over the British restored honor to his country, which increased nationalism. With the British increased involvement with the Americas, American nationalism was raised and as a result made the War of 1812 a positive war for the Americas. Foreign relations were not the only factor in the War of 1812. Economic development played an important role in the second war for independence. To the outside, America had took control and showed the world their stance but on the inside, the American government pursued a policy to vitalize the