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Jason Smith
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The War of 1812 The war of 1812 was a really risky war for the United States to take part in. They were put up against Great Britain, the strongest naval force in the world at the time. This war would come to impact the country’s future in a huge way. Though it was dangerous, the United States had many good reasons to partake in this war. Although there were many possible awards for the United States, there were also many defeats to await them. Several of the causes of the war were caused themselves by conflicts happening in Europe at the time. Great Britain was waging war with Napoleon Bonaparte French army. While attempting to stop the enemies from getting supplies, many United States ships were destroyed by the participates of the war. The British navy also practiced impressments by impressing many United States seamen. Also, after American merchants were stopped they were then forced to fight for the British army. This made the United States extremely angry with Great Britain. Many Bills were made in an attempt to prevent Great Britain from interfering with United States trade. Even Thomas Jefferson himself proposed an act to try to form an embargo against Great Britain and France. Congress did pass a May 1810 bill stating that if either country dropped trade restrictions with the United States that the United States would not trade with the opposing force. Shortly after Napoleon hinted at dropping trade restrictions with the United States, President Madison chose to block all trade with Great Britain. Many new congress members, including Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun, began pushing to go to war with Great Britain. By this time, Native Americans in the west were beginning to believe that they needed British help in order to keep their land and stop the United States from expanding and consuming the land. By late 1811, many war-hungry congress members were pressuring Madison into war. On June 18, 1812 President Madison signed a declaration of war against Great Britain. Canada, at the time a British colony, was the first target of the United States. Everyone on the side of the United States was optimistic on about the future outcome of the