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THE FORGOTTEN WAR OF 1812 The war of 1812 is an unusual part of history because most people have not heard or know much about it even though it is of extreme importance to American history. It relates to the theme “Turning Point in America” because the war gave us complete independence and respect from Britain. It has been forgotten probably because it happened between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. There was deep hostility between Great Britain and the United States mainly because of the British practice of impressment had gone on for years even after the United States independence from Great Britain, and Americans were not going to tolerate any more abuse. Britain was not happy about Americans becoming independent and the U.S. had to stand its ground once and for all. This is like the Second War of Independence to Americans. After the United States War of Independence from Great Britain, the British still abused their power over Americans. "War of 1812." History.com. A&E Television Networks, n.d. Web. 19 Dec. 2012. This war was a decisive moment in history because it finally put a complete stop to the British’s practice of impressment on Americans and any other control they wanted to inflict upon them. Americans were extremely brave in their decision to fight the world greatest naval power at that time which was Great Britain. Americans were outraged at the British because of their impressment of American seamen captures at high seas forcing them to serve for the British, all the restrictions on U.S. trade, and America’s desire to expand their territory. The British were at war with France since 1793 and they felt their actions were necessary war measures. Great Britain did not obey James Madison’s “Order to Revoke the Order in Council” declaring American vessels subject to interception and seizure, to stop the assault of American ships overseas and the stealing of their cargo, congress was forced to declare war. It started in 1812 and lasted about three years. It was a disorganized war with 6,000 American casualties with the last battle being fought in New Orleans and ended with a peace treaty. England was fighting a bitter and long battle with Napoleon Bonaparte from France, at the beginning of the 1800’s. In trying to block to cut off supplies from reaching the enemy, both England and France tried to stop the United States from trading with any of them. Also in 1807, Britain passed the Order in Council requiring neutral countries to get a license before trading with France or their colonies. The United States in 1809, decided that the Non-Intercourse Embargo Act passed by Thomas Jefferson’s was damaging to Americans, and in 1810 congress passed a bill which stated that if either France or Great Britain dropped their restrictions then the United States will resume business with this country only. Napoleon Bonaparte from France mentioned he would stop restrictions against the United States leading to President James Madison blocking all trade with Britain. These maritime violations from Great Britain and the bad influence on Native Americans against Americans were the main causes for this war. The Indians themselves, fearful of the American advance, prepared to protect their lands. There rose to power among them one of the greatest Indian leaders in North American history, a Shawnee chief, Tecutha or Tecumseh. Serious trouble developed over a bitter disagreement regarding the American purchase of three million acres of land in Indian Territory. Angered by this incident, Chief Tecumseh protested the arrangement and demanded the return of the Indian land. Since the passage of the Northwest Ordinance in 1787, Americans had been at war with the Indians Nations over the Northwest Territory which was made up by the now states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. American expansion into the Northwest Territory was being obstructed by