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War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells is a fiction story written about war and mankind’s coming of age. It is also a philosophical novel with many deep meanings underlying the shallow looking on what happened when the Martians came. Obviously the whole book is about the struggle mankind faces, but it is not always with aliens, they are actually more of a good way to represent what Wells really believed. He believed man is dominant, yet should remember how big the universe is.
The narrator, who is also the main character tells War of the Worlds in first person. He describes everything from the man’s denial, to the invasion, the battles, and the aftermath. In the beginning he discusses the possibility of other life forms existing. When the aliens invade they do not communicate, just organize and destroy all resistance and population centers. The author journeys along all of England fleeing the invaders and always being updated from various people about the news.
The aliens were like Gods compared to humans, or like the curate said "its an extermination of maggots". Humans were extremely outmatched by alien technology, in the end it was a natural explanation that destroyed them and saved our race. If religion is seen as the oppressive aliens that are using humans like livestock, and they are defeated by a scientific explanation, that’s sending a message that nature or science solved a impossible situation by natural meanings.
The aliens may have been more powerful and intelligent