Essay on Wardrobes: Fashion and Unknown Designers

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Wardrobe.Com’s SWOT
1. No Manufacturing and Suppliers For Wardrobe.Com, we don’t have directly suppliers. We develop the company basic on fashionable and technological aspects. In this kind of marketing mode, it will reduce the fixed cost such as labor salaries, depreciation of machinery for manufactures and storage rent. 2. Low Cost for Resources We devote ourselves to develop services for the people who need suggestions for dressing. We create a website and application that people can log in their accounts and find some tips for matching outfits in anywhere. Nowadays, with the development of information-based society, people are seeking convenience and efficient life styles. While providing additional efficient service, we are also applying fashion trends and clothes matching in order to adapt the development of society. 3. Knowledge of How to Build a Wardrobe A love of beauty is inherent in human nature. With the increasing of buying power, people, in especial, women keep buying clothes but barely wear bunch of them. Some people have no ideas with matching outfit or dressing decently. We provide services to help people who have those problems. We also help single businessmen to organize their wardrobes for matching their daily outfits. 4. Fixed Customer Group Our company cooperates with some well-known brands’ retailers. Customers can shop through our website which we have already matched trend-single products together. Customers could choose different outfits according to different public places. We offer software for smartphones in any systems. “We will be there when you need suggestions for fashion.” Customers could log in their accounts and get our suggestions in anywhere.
1. Shopping Online Nowadays, people are seeking unique styles which are not only fit for themselves, but also manifest their special personalities. We can create a new mode that matching clothes together and show off on the website. When people purchase outfits in our website, we take percentage from sales of retailers. 2. Clothing are basic need in daily life In the modern society, people are