Warehouse Club and Honorable Mike Mcguinn Essay

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To: The Honorable Mike McGuinn, Mayor

From: Dr. Jason Julius Pranoto

Subject: Recruitment of possible businesses to Seattle or creation of products

Date: January 17, 2013

We are trying to make several possible businesses in The Northwest, thus we have researched five companies in The Northwest to work with. Table 1 will provide a summary of the 5 companies in The Northwest.

Table 1: Summary of Background Information on Five Organizations

Companies | Place, People, and date the companies started | Mission Statement | Customer Target | Current Stock Price | Starbucks | Seattle, 1971Howard Schultz | Make the best coffee and distribute it throughout the world | Adults 25-40 years old | $55.27 | Google | Menlo Park, CALarry Page | Bring together all the information in the world and make it available | Business advertisers and common people | $724.93 | Nike | Oregon, 1964Philip KnightBill Bowerman | Make a difference to athletes with innovation and inspiration | Athletes | 53.64 | Costco | Kirkland, WA, 1983James D. SinegalJeffrey H. Brootman | Without being expensive, persistently giving the best service to the Costco members | Small business and high income household | 101.15 | Microsoft | New Mexico, 1975Bill GatesPaul Allen | Assist people and businesses and make them realize their potential | People who use computers | 27.21 |

Each of the five companies in the table have contributed in growing business in The Northwest. For example, Starbucks has distributed their retail stores throughout the world. Google has become the number one search engine in the world. Besides them, there is also Costco