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Warehouse Manager
Nathaniel Morse
MGT 330/Management for Organization
Edward Crawford

Managing people successfully is a skill that involves constant planning and development. Managing has been important to make certain the direction of individual efforts. As the general public constantly depends on group effort, and as many prearranged groups have become large, the task of managers has been increasing in importance and intricacy. As warehouse manager for Mill-End Carpet I’m responsible for selecting and purchasing carpet and hardwood flooring from designers, manufacturers or wholesales on behalf of the company. As warehouse manager I get to interact with different types of people, attend new designs of carpet seminars and purchase goods. Sometime my job can be tough because the company’s sales revenue is my responsibility.
As a warehouse manager I have to know what customers like and will buy. Therefore, I have to build relationships with large construction clientle and merchandisers. My job requires me to have an understanding of the manufacturing process and be very budget conscious. To understand warehouse management, it is vital that we break it down into five managerial functions, specifically; planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling.
Planning requires decision making choosing future courses of action from among options. A warehouse manager need has to versatile and flexible as the buying schedule may include sitting behind a desk one day writing reports and communication by phone or email, traveling to different location to identify forthcoming new products that are coming out within the next couple of weeks, and then consult with suppliers. In order to do my job well I learn that you must have stamina along with being reliable, professional, creative, imaginative and well-motivated. When thinking about planning I have be aware of current carpet needed along with negotiate with vendors, manage a budget and understand the buyer market. I have to coordinate with carpet suppliers on regular basis before decision is made all that exist is planning study or proposal.
In term of organization I have to keep in mind the company goals, signature style to keep bringing new customers. Mill-end Carpet is a locally well-known carpet and hardwood retailer whose designs have captured the attention of homeowners all over the region. Many of today’s upcoming designers are changing direction towards an on edge image. As buyer I’m responsible for preserving cost-effectiveness by meeting certain financial plans set for each season.
Negotiation is major part of warehouse manager job that can be daunting dealing with merchants trying to negotiate price. The manufacturer’s sales managerial submit a cost for carpet which has been base on the result of a costing process in the factory. As a warehouse manager I have to calculate how much the mark-up on the carpet needs to be retailed for in the store to reach the merchant’s mark-up which is the variance between manufacturer’s cost price and the selling price. Keep in I want to pay as little as possible staying within budget while merchant want to sell it for as much as possible. We have a target of how much profit to make for the season and how much markdown we’re allowed. It’s extremely important that I work closely with buying team another buyer’s outlook may be wanted to help the decision making process.
A key aspect of ensuring my job is run smoothly is to find the right person for the right jobs. I have assistant buyers/ associate buyers who report to me they know precisely what is happening, and can fill in to provide statistics when requested if the Buyer is not present. The assistant buyer is also recognized as buyer in training. The degree of responsibility