Wars Are Always Wrong Essay example

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Wars are always wrong It has been approximately 100,000 years that modern human beings first evolved in the Earth. Along with the pace of time human civilization has been diversified into different racial, ethnic and language groups. This disintegration has lead people to live in a myriad of culture which is considerably different from each other, in most of the ways. The hodgepodge of various culture, race, and language has created complex and factious human societies. From the beginning of human existence, people have been entailed in various conflicts. Now it has deeply rooted in the human civilization. These days many historians are arguing about the relationship between the human civilization and the war. In an attempt to reveal …show more content…
About 40 million people, including civil and army, lost their life and the world went through a deep recession for a long period of time. Later, all these factors led to a national post-war trauma. It seems obvious that human beings have a long-term relation with the wars. Even though no one knows how many wars have been fought, how many people have died and how much wealth has been lost; we have a rough idea that the world has lost a lot because of wars. We don’t have to go to back to the beginning of the human civilization to justify it. We can take examples of WW I, WW II, Korean War, Iraq war and many more. In fact, the modern wars have seemed to be even more destructive than that of ancient wars because of recent introduction of nuclear weapons. We know that it is never too late to do something good. Even though we have failed in the past days we can do better in the days to come and achieve our goal of maintaining peace in the world. According to Gore, “It would indeed be a tragedy if the history of the human race proved to be nothing more than the story of an ape playing with a box of matches on a petrol dump (14)”. “Yes”, it will really be shameful if we cannot preserve our cultures, values and existence and let the upcoming generations enjoy it. Before wars put the mankind into an end we must stop them and maintain peace. So, we must unite to spread the feeling of brotherhood globally and stride towards