Was Germany A Totalitarian State

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Was Nazi Germany a totalitarian state?

A totalitarian state is a country with a government that controls all aspects of its citizen’s lives. Therefore in this context, I think that although Germany tried to become as totalitarian as possible by using a variety of methods, they didn’t manage to become one in the end. However, they did get very close to becoming one.

Firstly, the Nazis ordered the production of very cheap radios that the majority of the country could afford. This created jobs and a source of entertainment. However, the main reason that these radios were made in the first place was not mainly for entertainment but to spread propaganda. By selling these radios that a lot of people could afford, they would force people to listen to Hitler’s speeches or Nazi ideas.

Other ways the Nazis used propaganda was through films such as ‘The Eternal Jews’, media, parades, rallies and posters. By using all these methods plus radios, the Nazis were able to persuade a lot of Germans into having more faith in the government. The Nazis also calculated the amount of free time an average German person would have and even held events such as sports events, concerts rallies and parades that were all very cheap and to fill in the citizen’s free time. This is another aspect of life the Nazis tried to control.

To make sure they would have no opposition, the Nazis just decided to get rid of any opposition. People who were from opposition parties, supported opposition parties or led riots were punished by either being put into jail, in a refugee camp or being executed.

Furthermore, Hitler aimed to indoctrinate children with Nazi ideas from when they were a very young age. By teaching Nazi ideology from a very young age, Hitler hoped to create the