Was Hitler To Blame For The Holocaust

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In the early and mid 1900’s a terrible genocide occurred: The Holocaust. Orders from a man named Adolf Hitler caused this mass murder of about 6 million Jews. But, is history sure that this one man is all to blame? Could he be the sole reason why this event took place? Many people believe so. Looking at research, it is easy to see that he did not do this all by himself. With that said, I found that the mixture of anti-semitism and no gun control helped spark the Holocaust because German citizens were able to agree with the massacre and Hitler was able to supply weapons to these people; However, people still believe Hitler is fully to blame. Anti-semitism became widely popular in the beginning of the 1900’s. Anti-semitism allowed for German …show more content…
In an interview with Ben Carson, he claims that “ ‘the likelihood of Hitler being able to accomplish his goals would have been greatly diminished if the people hadn’t been armed’ “ (Williams). This is saying that if Hitler was unable to supply his supporters with weapons, the genocide probably wouldn’t of occurred. Without the use of weapons there would have been no way for Hitler to be able to round up more than 6 million Jews and execute all of them. The power between Hitler's supporters and the Jews would have been balanced; therefore the weapons that were used caused imbalance between the two sides and created the shortcoming that helped spark the Holocaust. In the same interview Carson says that in any situation, even today, that involves guns, the first instinct is to disarm the people (Williams). At first, the government refused to get involved. Millions of people were being killed and the solution could have been involving a gun control policy. Therefore, Hitler is not the only person/thing to blame, but also no gun control policy from the