Wasdin Seal Team Six Analysis

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There are many recurring themes within a persons life. Most people experience the themes of regret, reaching limits, faith,and death at some point in their life. These themes are expressed in literature, as they are perfect archetypes of human existence. The novel Seal Team Six does not fall short of expressing these themes. Wasdin faces challenges and difficulties dealing with morality,while the characteristic of brotherhood occurs naturally for him. Brotherhood is an attribute that is not collectively shared in every person. Wasdin, however, exhibits the attribute of brotherhood as an early age. After an occurrence in which a childhood bully strikes on a friend of Wasdin's, he rallies up the other boys to attack said bully. When Wasdin …show more content…
Wasdin's rough childhood could have easily led him to have no virtue or moral compass. The influence of his uncle and Brother Ron shaped Wasdin's character for the better. Without the nonviolent male figures in his life, Wasden admits he would've "harbored some dark thoughts"(37). When Wasdin returns to Pasha, he hears the groans of a child in pain. He disobeys direct orders to provide this boy with medical attention. Wasdin recounts this as his "most successful op in Somalia"(202). Although Wasdin went against orders, he empathized with the boy and did what she believed was ethical. Wasdin's struggle with morality begins at the start of the story when he says, "I felt that if we could kill Atto and Aidid, we could stop the fighting, get the food to the people quickly, and go home in one piece"(6). Wasdin doesn't care for the politics of it all. In his belief, killing the enemy, rather than capturing them is just a more efficient and less time-consuming way to go about it. As the story progresses, and asset informs them that the enemy's location has been discovered. The request to capture Aidid was denied and the men were furious. Condor questions,"Why do all this work..."(205) if they're not going to follow through? The men are conflicted between following orders and waiting to capture the man to be given a fair trial and killing him because of all he has done and will continue to