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The state of Washington was named after George Washington, the First President of the United States. Washington became the 42nd state in the Union in
1889. The capital of Washington is Olympia and the largest city is Seattle. The population of Washington is the 13th in rank at 6,897,012 in 2012. The location of Washington is in the Northwest region of the United States and has a varied climate from east to west. Mountain ranges and rainforests cover most of the State of Washington with 71,300 square miles of land; it is the 18th largest State. The characteristics of the mountain range, rainforests, and Pacific Ocean location attract people from all over the world to vacation, relocate and to do business. Washington is located in the Northern Hemisphere in North America Pacific Region. Canada in the North, Oregon in the South, Idaho on the east, and the Pacific Ocean on the West surround the state of Washington (relative location). The absolute location is Latitude is 45˚ 32’N to 49˚ and Longitude is 116˚ 57’W to 124˚ 48’W. The climate varies from west to east but overall it is a mild and humid climate with many days to weeks of fog, rain, and cloudy days. It is the wettest area of the contiguous United States and gets up to 160 inches of precipitation per year. The wet mild winters allow for Evergreen conifers, Douglas fir, western hemloch, and western red cedar trees to grow which give Washington its nickname the Evergreen State. Deer, elk, bears, mountain goats, and pumas (cougars) are some of the animal life seen in Washington as well as, shorebirds, marine mammals, variety of fish and five species of Pacific salmon. Timber, farming and fishing industry, and hydroelectric power are the states natural resources. With the abundance of rain, the hydroelectric dams that were built over the years help to produce electricity. The Grand Coulee Dam on the Columbia River is the fourth largest hydroelectric plant in the world. Some of the electricity is exported and used in other states. The characteristics that have attracted people to move to Washington are the natural resources, farming and fishing, timber, Columbia River trade, ship building industry, Boeing Corporation, Starbucks, Microsoft Corporation, hydroelectric power, along with other industry and trade opportunities. The cultural groups that most populate Washington are German American, Irish American, and English American. Religious groups are Protestant 49%, Catholic 16%, Non-affiliated 25%, and small percentages of other religions. Washington has attracted many settlers that followed along the Oregon Trail in 1843 to work with agriculture and lumber early industries. During the Great Depression, the war Industry was building Heavy Bombers for World War II and provided jobs in time of war. Olympia is the capital city of Washington and located at the southern end of Budd Inlet. Seattle, located on the Puget Sound Inlet, is