Washington Monument Dbq

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Throughout history, there have been events and people that have made an impact on the future. In order to properly commemorate these important subjects, one needs to spend time to analyze the different elements that would go into memorializing an event or person. Being able to fully recognize the complexity of events, will allow for one to create a connection with society. When determining how to create a monument to memorialize an event or person, one should focus on the major impact of the person/event, the location of the monument, and the size of the monument, in order to properly preserve it historical influence. Monuments are able to create an aura that captivates its viewers and makes people feel honored to be in its presence.People …show more content…
The size of a monument can emphasize the impact of the subject that is being memorialized. The size of the Washington monument commands attention with its grand size. The artist created “a colossal marble statue and the text of two speeches carved on enormous panels, all housed in a neoclassical temple” “..a treasure piece by virtue of its hand carving in stone, a large scale, in a sequestered space…”(Source A). The monument’s large scale was able to show how Washington was a big leader in American history. The various pieces that are correlated to Washington’s accomplishments assist in making the monument to appear be grand in appearance. A group or agency should insure that the compelling magnitude of the monument corresponds to the significance of the person/event. Vietnam Veterans Memorial is another example of the impact that size can have. In source G, Lin states that “ the mirrored effect would double the size of the park, creating two worlds, one we are a part of and one we can not enter”. The memorial incorporates a lot of symbolism and its grand size alludes to the massive impact that the Vietnam had on the world.The artist was inspired by the environment around her to create a mirrored effect using the surface of the earth. She wanted the memorial to illustrate how America has evolved over the years.Her ability to incorporate the natural elements in an artistic ways assisted in the