washington vs dubois Essay

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Washington vs. Debois Debate
I chose Washington over Debois because he had a program that consisted of industrial education, conciliation of the south, and, submission and silence as to civil and political rights. These points were a way for blacks to achieve what they want. Washington had to find a plan to make the south, the north and, the Negroes happy. Washington wanted blacks to receive an industrial education so that they can gain economic success through labor. Washington knew that money had no color and no matter what it would be accepted and most of the Negroes already had skills and trades that they could build off of. He knew that all the whites really cared about was money so he decided that was the way to go about gaining equality. Also Washington wanted conciliation of the south because whites were the ones that held all the jobs. They had to compromise so that can at least show whites that weren’t animals and could achieve the same things whites could. This was one of the biggest compromises they had to make but it was all for the good of the Negroes. The last part of Washington’s program was to submit and be silent against civil and political injustice. This was the hardest part for blacks to do but the more they fight the worst it gets and sometimes they got killed. They can’t expect whites to give them jobs if they were constantly fighting them on civil and political rights. By them submitting whites will be more willing to give and allow them