Wasson Closing Essays

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Dear Parent or Guardian,

You may have heard in the news or read in the newspaper, the District 11 Board of Education voted Wednesday night to close Wasson at the end of this school year and to repurpose the building. I am writing to you to provide information that I am aware of that we will be doing here and that the other high schools will be doing to make the transition for your child(ren) as smooth as possible.

Currently the Wasson College, Career and Advisory staff are going through the transcripts of all students to make sure that the transcripts are up to date. Once we have completed this work, the Wasson staff will be making hard copies of all of your student’s documents so that you have a copy and making an additional copy to send to their new school, once we know where students will be attending.

In addition to the work that we are doing here at Wasson, the other high schools are planning a special night for Wasson students to hear about all of the clubs, course offerings and athletic programs that your child(ren) will be eligible to participate in. We know right now that Wasson will host all of the high schools here on March 7, 2013, from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm. Each high school will have a designated location where your child(ren) can go to hear about the school, meet coaches, club sponsors, counselors and other personnel. The dates for each school’s individual open houses are listed below, so that you can take advantage of the opportunity to visit the school.

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