The Importance Of Management In The Environment

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Strategies: E=Eliminate I=Isolate M=mitigate
Hazard analysis
Strategies: E=Eliminate I=Isolate M=mitigate
Hazard | Potential Harm | Strategy | Management | Dusty conditions | Cause respiratory problem and after long time period expose into this condition may damage to lungs and eyes | I,M | If working conditions are too dusty, all the works should be ceased and spray water in the working site to make dust down, and all workers need wear safety glasses and dust masks during working. | Sun | Sunburn, sunstroke, skin cancer | M | Wearing sunglasses and sun-proof hat and cloths, apply sun cream (if necessary). Furthermore drinking large amount of water or other liquids. | Erosion | Soil went into water can influence the ecosystem of estuary and may damage stability of construction site | E,I | Keeping disturbed areas to minimum and time of exposure short by staging construction and setting nets and plastic sheets. Add sediment controls during the project where required. | Mechanical hazards | Injury from loose clothing and hear caught in moving machines | I | Loose clothing and hair not be allowed in construction site and personal equipment need to be wore anytime. | Noise | Hearing impairment | I,M | All workers are required to wear ear protection equipment during construction activities. | Working with concrete | Skin and eye burns, damaging ecosystem of estuary when concrete spills into water. | I,M | All workers who directly involve with concrete pouring need to wear additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as masks, gloves, goggles and before doing concrete works, estuary need to be completely covered in order to prevent wet concrete spill into water. | Crane movement and lifting | Injury or