Waste Management and Corporate Sponsorship Essay

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Waste Management

Waste Management is the leader in the solid waste industry. Waste Management and its subsidiaries; serve more than 20 million residential, commercial, municipal, and industrial customers in the United Stated and Canada. Waste Management provides waste collection, recycling, and disposal services (WasteManagement.com)
What is Corporate Sponsorship?
Corporate Sponsorship is when an organization creates a partnership with an individual or entity and commits to develop a product or project. The organization commits to pay in part or in full to the cost of television commercials, radio spots, or any other form of advertising. These sponsored events are usually open to the public where the organization promotes its business and its products (bussinessdictionary.com).
In other words corporate sponsorship is a form of marketing in which an organization pays for all or some of the expenses associated with a program or project in exchange for recognition. Organizations have their logos and brands displayed with that program or project with specific mention that the organization provided the funding.
Waste Management knows that a thriving community depends on the involvement from its organizations and citizens partnering together. Waste Management offers its services and support to promote economic development and civic pride.
Waste Management is also a sponsor for several educational programs offering grants, donations and foundations. Waste Management has applications for several of their charitable donations on their web site (WasteManagement.com).
Waste Management supports a full range of sponsorship at all levels this is just a small sample.
NASCAR and PGA are two of the most recognized sponsorships that Waste Management has.
National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA)
Our sponsorship allows our employees to network and recruit talented African-American MBA professionals and offer career counseling. (WasteManagement.com)
Women for Hire
The only company devoted to recruitment services for women, Women For Hire offers career expos, seminars, a career-focused magazine, marketing programs, and an online job board that helps leading employers connect with professional women in all fields. (WasteManagement.com)
National Urban League
The Urban League is the nation’s oldest and largest community- based movement devoted to empowering African Americans to enter the economic and social mainstream. (WasteManagement.com)
Hispanic Alliance for Career Advancement (HACE)
Waste Management actively sponsors HACE to help Latinos achieve their professional goals. (WasteManagement.com)
Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE)