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Joke/Chapter 2/Page 11/Panel 2 – “You people are a joke.” – The word denotes something that causes laughter; a denotation of amusement and humour.
In context, the word describes the “Crimebusters” initiative as a joke; a laughable representation of the society’s force against the greater things which “go down in the world”. The comedian makes these happenings appear “insurmountable”, thus, revealing the “funny” side to the banding of the vigilantes. The real irony however lies in Blake’s character. His relativistic outlook leverages him to know that nothing is absolute. He simply just “[plays] along with the gag,” and like any soldier, objectively deals with situations upon its presentation; disregarding the notions of anyone being able to “save the world.” This is much unlike the others who wish to establish permanent order. This is a joke because the comedian shows that no matter the attempts to change events, they inevitably tick to the ever changing beat of time. The irony takes its toll on the other vigilantes meant to protect society from destruction, as they themselves are rendered completely powerless against the force of the societies they protect. Indeed, the comedian is aware that since nothing is absolute, the ruin of society and its “hero’s”, to make room for a new one, is inevitable. It is merely an impending doom which “the cracks in society” depict well. The comedian “saw the little men in masks trying to hold” these cracks together, and he made them out…