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The movie “Matewan” is the story of coal miners trying to form a union and is up against a big Coal Company as well as the notorious Baldwin Felts detective agency. Joe Kinnahan comes to Matewan on a train as a secret union organizer for the United Mine Workers. He sneaks into living in the home of Elma Radnor a coal miners’ widow. Kinnahan’s insertion was a key into the start of forming a union, educating the miners and establishing order in the mobilization in the forming of the coal miners union. Joe went from the enemy to the to the advocate, he showed that neither race nor nationality would stand in the way of separating union workers from scabs. His role as a leader gradually evolved throughout the film and was done by gaining trust of people and speaking the truth. The Mayor’s impact was simple; he tried his best to stand up to the coal company and its big-guy tactics. He was in the end shown trying to bring a truce to the violence but ultimately paid with his life. It seemed in the film he was a huge supporter and close allied of the constable. The Mayor had a love and utmost loyalty to his people in the quest in forming an organized labor group. The Sheriff was a very quiet shady appearing man, but in the end he proved to be a major supporter of the union forming and a thorn in the side of the Coal Company hired security. Hatfield and the Mayor stand against the Balwin Felt men and force them to come back with reinforcements and not just steamroll them like they anticipated. Hatfield at the end tells the workers to get their guns and then deputizes them. This was a last stand, and Sid’s actions formed a no nonsense attitude and a statement to the security forces sent by the coal mine. Danny, was the son of Elma Radnor and a shining young preacher as well as a coal miner. Danny’s sermon in the movie was a key turning point in the movie due to his subliminal sermon which acted as a call for help to the miners and a sermon of truth. His secret message aimed at the miners in attendance spares the life of Kinnahan all the while the two security men were intoxicated not realizing a thing. Danny was a clever person yet made