Water Balance Essay

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Water Balance of Berkeley, California and Terre Haute, Indiana
Johnny L. Luckett
Excelsior College


This paper discovers the water budget for Berkeley, California in comparison to Terre Haute, Indiana. The two cities precipitation differs throughout the twelve month calendar year where many of the heavy precipitation months are totally opposite. Berkeley California’s winters, where the majority of rain occurs and Terre Haute, Indiana where the rainfall is observed as consistently disseminated throughout the year evenly. This paper will also magnify geographic position, climate and elevation in contrast of the two cities that reflects the water budget outlined in Project 1: Water Balance defined in
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Majority of rainfall occurs March to June for the city of Terre Haute. Berkeley recognizes a deficit June through October with the highest being in July of 8.7 centimeters. This deficit last longer than compared to Terre Haute totally up to 150 days. This is 60 days more than in comparison to the two. We know that rainfall occurs for this city in winter months January totally the highest amounts.
Surplus will occur at field capacity greater than 10 centimeters and soil is holding its maximum capacity of moisture. Both cities share similarities in months were a surplus for the water budgets occurs. Terre Haute surplus months happen during January through April; whereas Berkeley’s surplus occurs January through March just thirty days shy of Terre Haute. January happens to be the month where Berkeley totals the most precipitation at 13.0 centimeters or 5.1 inches. This is also where surplus is the greatest annually summing up to 10.4 centimeters. Primarily an abundance of rainfall for the city takes place in winter months. March is Terre Haute highest surplus month at 7.8 centimeters; but does not total up to be the month where significant rainfall ensues the highest. The month of June accrues the most precipitation yearly for the city in the mid-western region of the United States. In the mid-west the rainfall is generally well spread out typical of a mid-latitude continental climate. Terre