Water For Elephants Book Report

Words: 761
Pages: 4

As said by American and Canadian author Sara Gruen in Water for Elephants, “Life is the most spectacular show on earth.” Water for Elephants is a novel that follows Jacob Jankowski in two contrasting periods of his lifetime. The plot of Water for Elephants bounces between the 1930’s when Jacob is young and what the reader can assume to be present day when Jacob is older. During the time when Jacob is older, he is in a home for the elderly, although he desperately wants to be anywhere but there. Sara Gruen does an outstanding job of transitioning fluently between the old and new times. Effortlessly the reader can follow along with the story without being confused as to what time period they are reading about and how it is relevant to the plot. I admire the plot of Water for Elephants and the characters that within the story. The story of Water for Elephants begins with the main character, Jacob Jankowski, in a home for the elderly. Ornery and stubborn in his old age, Jacob gets extremely agitated when another man in the home speaks about once being in the circus and carrying water for the elephants. Other times throughout Jacob’s time in the nursing home, he gets irritated and …show more content…
Sara Gruen wrote Water for Elephants in a thoroughly detailed way and progresses the story at a rapid enough pace to keep the reader plenty interested without stunning him or her with too much information at one time. Even when the plot is deeply into Jacob’s life in the circus, enough is happening within the story that the reader cannot become disinterested. Including the contrast of Jacob’s different lives entices the reader and makes him or her wonder about what happened in Jacob’s life so that he is no longer with the circus. Further on in the book the reader begins to question whether a relationship developed between Jacob and Marlena, a circus performer, and whether she is Jacob’s unnamed