Water: High School and Safe Drinking Water Essay

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Africa has so many problems and not much effort on the part of those affected to find solutions. The sub-Sahara Africa (where Li beria is located) is among the regions affected by diseases, ignorance and poverty. Hunger, unsafe drinking water, high illiteracy rate. Most of These problems maybe cause by poverty, high illiteracy rate, war among others. This project is a small effort to provide clean water for about nine hundred to one thousand inhabitants in Gbelleh Town, Nimba County, northern Liberia. The situation of these inhabitants is very critical and life threatening. Among their competing needs including foods, clothing, education, medicare, safe drinking water is of priority and must be promptly addressed. As it is common with most Liberian Towns, and villages exact statistics are not available but estimates are possible. The Town being targeted has no access to clean water and therefore walk many miles to fetch for ordinary well unprotected and smaller water running from within rocks and some streams that are settled under trees. There is no nearest hospital or clinics. The Hospital is very far, about two hours drive from the Town due to unpaved road condition and many miles to be covered. Although lots of the sicknesses and deaths are blamed on witch crafts and other remotes causes, it is most likely the unsafe drinking and cooking water in a prime or leading cause of illnesses and death among them. With a hand pump constructed and little education on how to maintain it if provided, the rate of sickness among the people of Gbelleh will significantly reduce. Gbelleh Town has at least one pump in one corner of the Town which can not sustain the population in Gbelleh. There is one elementary and Junior high school joint, but school books and other teaching tools are not up to date, and the few are not sufficient for the school population.
Eco nomic
The economic situation in Gbelleh is highly based on farming. About 98% of the inhabitants live on farming. Most of them plant rice, raise cattles like chicken, goats or ducks while others plant sugar caine and make caine juices to sell in exchange for money. Some make oil from pam nuts few are business people who buy and sell still others have smaller shops but still make farms.
The common belief is now divided into two main groups oringinally, most of them are pagans while the Gospel has taken over almost half of the Town. Since these people farm with smaller tools like cutlasses, smaller hoes and don’t have pava saw to cut down large trees, they therefore, plant little farms which are not enough to feed them, and at the same time not enough to sell some to shop for clothes, medicare, and other essentials. The inhabitants of Gbelleh Town have so many needs including clean water, food, farming better farming tools, medicare, clothing, shoes, education among others, but the most essential one that needs prompt attention is a safe drinking water. I believe with a safe drinking water, the rate of illnesses and deaths will reduce drasticly. The 14 years of war in Liberia affected Gbelleh very highly lack of medical attentions due to lack of transportation cars to take patients to hospitals caused many premature deaths of younger and older people. Even the hospital in the city was luted by fighters and doctors ran away to seek refuge. lack of food due to unsafe environment for farming