Water Intoxication and Uc San Diego Essay

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Sports Medicine 1 Report
By: Emily Barrett
I recently read an article by UC San Diego Health System’s Sports Medicine Program on dehydration. The article discussed how to stay dehydrated, how to know if you are hydrated, and if dehydration a big deal. I enjoyed reading the article it was educating, resourceful, and interesting. The article shows the general fluid guidelines for exercising. The article also explains what to do after exercise and how much fluids you should drink.
If you become dehydrated you should increase your daily fluid intake, which doesn’t have to be just water it should be a variety of beverages. The beverages should be milk, juice, and maybe fruit smoothies, the beverage you decide to drink should be cool and refreshing. The article said “eighty percent of our water intake typically comes from a variety of drinks and twenty percent comes from foods, such as fruits and vegetables.” So it is important for athletes not to skip meals. To stay hydrated you should drink water and stay hydrated throughout the day.
The signs dehydration is discoloring of urine, a reduction in body weight of a few pounds and dizziness. Urine should be pale yellow or straw color. If urine is dark yellow and there is not much, you are probably dehydrated. Drinking to much water can result in low concentration of sodium in the body. Low concentration of in the body can result in something called hyponatremia. Hyponatremia can cause symptoms like fatigue,…