Water Pollution Case Study

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How does this issue affect households and local residents? If the water around the community is bad , that can cause the people to get sick and they will not be able to use the water .
● How does this issue affect area businesses? If there are farms around of people who have gardens and things , they will not be able to use the water once it is dirty. The dirty water can cause the food and plants to die and past germs.
● How does this issue affect our government at the local, state, and national levels?
Water pollution may cause illness and diseases. the people will begin to get sick once they get sick they can not go to work and work will be decreased.
● How does this issue affect the rest of the world? Water pollution means governments around the world will have to spend money cleaning up the pollution.
● How does the issue affect resources, goods and services, and finances? The government will then have to put their own money in and costs of things will go up.
The government may begin doing trade­offs between cleaning up pollution or reducing tax. ● Explain how the issue you have chosen affects your community. Be sure to include impacts you perceive to be both positive and negative. The water being clean is good for us because water is basically used for everything we do , cook , clean and bathe with. the positive thing is we will learn how to appreciate water and keep it sparkling the negative would be having everyone to agree on doing it.