Water Power Essay

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Water Power

Water Power or hydropower has been around for a long time More than two thousand year ago, people were using water to work machinery. They also used waterwheel wheels turned by the force of falling or running water. The first water power has been invented in the Middle East, India, or china. Many societies used them, including the ancient Greeks and romans. The use of hydroelectricity has grown fast since the 1800s. Today hydroelectric power supplies about 20 percent of the world’s electricity. In United States, About 7 percent of the electricity comes for this source. Canada gets more than 70 percent of its electricity from hydroelectric power. Other country gets even more. Norway and Paraguay, For Example, make nearly all their electricity from hydroelectric power. We must take control of water power, so world can use electric longer in future, as there are many benefits to building water dam.
First of all, we also get some benefits from water power For example, it the cheap source of energy. It also doesn’t cause pollution or global warming. It works on a very large scale. It Supplies can adapt quickly to demand. Hydropower is considered to be a clean, renewable source of energy, emitting a very low level of greenhouse gases when compared to fossil fuels. It has a low operating cost once installed and can be highly automated. An additional benefit is that the power is generally available on demand since the flow of water can be controlled. Hydropower is generally available as needed; engineers can control the flow of water through the turbines to produce electricity on demand. Other benefits may include water supply and flood control. According to Solway “Turbines can kill fish but “Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy are working on the design of a new, “fish Friendly” turbine. Fish can swim right through this turbine and survive the trip.
Second, water power has lot a negative effect in our world For example, building water dam cost lot money. There are not many place to suitable for large- Scale dam to build a dam. Dame also stops fish and other water animals from moving freely up and down a river. Turbines can kill fish. Sometimes large areas are drowned by building the dam, and people are displaced in many places. Using hydroelectric power also has disadvantages. Dams can block fish passage to spawning grounds or to the ocean. According to Solways “The hydroelectric power plants cannot be constructed at any locations” (9) Reservoirs can fill with silt and become useless. People lose their homes when a reservoir is crated; also cause massive habitat destruction.
Third, the issue is that, dams stop fish. It reservoirs can fill with silt and become useless. And also it serious damages the climate. The hydroelectric dams produce significant amount of carbon dioxide. Hydroelectric power can seriously damage the climate. According to Solway, “Hydroelectric dams produce significant