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Environmental science and water purification Environmental science is a field of science that includes a base of biology and physics, it is the study of how animal’s people and organisms work with their environment or habitat and the problems they face or the problems they don’t face. There are similar fields such as environmental engineering which is more toward the topic of design and technology. Water purification is a process which involves getting bacteria and nasty materials that could have ruined the waters purity. Contaminates could get into the water from natural disasters, a leak into water systems or even waste run off into our lakes and rivers. Water purification is something we literally need in order to survive and have life, this is not something we should decide to slack on or not take serious. Water purification is a man made process to make our water safer for our consumption. There are three kinds of waters classified by the environmental protection agency. There is portable water which also is known as drinking water this water is used in foods and consumption reasons. There’s safe water which they say is to be used for taking a shower and or washing your skin. Then there is contained water which is not safe for any use, you would want to avoid this for health and hygiene reasons. In a simple way to explain the process of water purification there is six easy steps. Step one there are coagulants like alum and lime that are put into the water, this will cause all the small molecules to stick and bond together. Next, the water is moved all around into even bigger pieces that are known as flocs. Then there is the process which wants the particles to detach, this states that the water must stand completely still for 24 full hours, this will allow all the chucks of waste to all go to the bottom. This step is like when u make a protein and creatine shake and you let it sit in the fridge for 10 minutes and you come back the materials start to come apart from the water or milk. After this the next day the water goes through a filtering and cleaning process during this chlorine or other chemicals can often times be used to disinfect the water again. Lastly, sometimes a process known as aeration is used to remove radon which can be harmful to our bodies. There is still several simple ways for water purification people boil there waters and add cleansing drops and even make their own filters and strainers. The options are endless with water purification.
Water pollution not only damages the water we need to drink but it even affects the ecosystem and all the animals and plants in it. Right now it is seen that water pollution or dirty water is one of the world’s largest problems. We have millions and billions of clean gallons of water and yes it sounds like a lot but not when our earth population is constantly growing and the development of cities keep expanding. There is pressure on our water resources we need to preserve with the increase of cities when it rains and water runs off our roofs and roads they become filled with chemicals that need to be cleaned and purified. This is not a free process the less water we have and the growing demand for water this will raise the price for clean water. Not only do we need water for our consumption but the animals and ecosystems around us need clean good water. Our animals are just as important as the water we need. Global warming is also another factor that is affecting our water sources. Climate change needs to be observed, less rainfall and more droughts around the United States are increasing.
Our earth and environment is composed of about 70 – 75% of water and about 1 – 2% of that is freshwater that can be used for our consumption. Basically we have access to a drop of water out of a full cup. The ocean water is what makes up our majority of it and it is all salt water. It’s mainly clean water but has salt, which we can’t drink or use. There is a process known as