Water: Water Intoxication and Livestrong . Com Gatorade Essay

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"Water: An Overlooked Essential Nutrient."
My name is Latanya Paul I am a Registered Dietitian, and I have been asked to present a hand-out and explain the information in detail to your firm on the differences between water, and sports drinks such as Gatorade and PowerAde. I have found satisfying information that will help me present my findings. I am sure that this will be an informative hand-out that will help your company make a decision on which one is best.
Daily recommendations: 3.0 Liters/ 13 cups for men & 2.2 liters/ 9 cups for women. Many foods and beverages contain water, which can make up part of this daily intake. You can have fresh fruits and vegetables, cooked vegetables, canned and frozen fruits, juices, and milk. You can find most fruits and vegetables that contain up to 90 percent water, such as cucumbers, celery, tomatoes, green pepper, watermelon, spinach, strawberries, broccoli, and cantaloupe just to name a few.
Nutrient content: Sodium, Zinc, Fluoride, Magnesium, Copper
Varieties/sources: Distilled, Purified, Mineral/ Poland Spring, Aquafina, Evian, Smart Water, and Tap water.
Cost: FREE, 1 bottle of water 16.9oz Averages $1.00-$2.00, 24 pack of bottle water $4.99-$9.99, 35 pack of bottle water $5.99-$12.99
Advantages of consumption: According to MayoClinic.org we should drink 8oz. glass of water per day. Water is pure very good for the body and it helps avoid dehydration and can be consumed with any meal not just working out.

Safety levels: Water, It is impossible to remove 100% of bacteria from water. Install a good water filtration system, which removes 90-99% of harmful bacteria.
Conclusion: Water is pure and intended for non-active and active people to drink it. It’s one of the few things that your body needs and can’t go without.
Disadvantages of consumption: According to eHOW.com reports drinking excessive amounts of water unnecessarily can create stress on both your heart and kidneys, and can even be fatal.

Daily recommendations: 24 oz. 1 Bottle a day, Gatorade is an electrolyte replacement drink-for endurance events or work outs.
Nutrient content: Gatorade. 0g Protein/Fiber, 110mg sodium, 23g Sugar, 25g Carbohydrate, 10% of daily recommended niacin/ B6 & pantothenic acid
Varieties/sources: Gatorade has 8 different flavors of drinks. Including low sugar and high in protein, flavors include grape, cherry, lemon, and many more
Cost: 1 bottle of Gatorade 12-32oz $1.00-$4.00, 24 pack of bottle water $12.99-$17.99, 35 pack of bottle Gatorade $20.99- $30.99
Advantages of consumption: According to Livestrong.com Gatorade is a great sports drink which helps give you energy and retain fluid during heavy work out activities. Gatorade can be beneficial to those participating in mild or heavy physical activity.

Safety levels: Gatorade advises to consumers, that the hotter the temperature is the more risk of heart problems & hydration issues. Increasing the amount of Gatorade is not good during high temperatures.

Disadvantages of consumption: According to LIVESTRONG.com Gatorade isn't an optimal sports beverage and can prove detrimental to your health in some ways. Such as tooth decay, reduce testosterone, upset stomach, fatigue, and weight management because of the high content of sugar and calories.
Conclusion: Gatorade was invented for the people who are highly active in body activities. It was not intended for non-active people. Gatorade products were created to give the body a push.

Daily recommendations: 24 oz. Bottle a day, PowerAde is a fluid retainment drink, which is high in sodium, formulated to lower amounts of sweat while working out only.
Nutrient content: Sodium, Sugar, Potassium, Niacin, Vitamin B6/12
Varieties/sources: PowerAde produces over 10 different products including in powered form Flavors, mountain berry blast, Golden rush Orange, Strawberry kiwi
Cost: 1 bottle of PowerAde 12-32oz $1.00-$4.00, 24 pack of bottle water