Waterview Case Study Essay

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Waterview case study
This case occurred in a premier resort called the Waterview and it’s located in the Muskoka District of Northern Ontario. The Waterview snack bar has been the leading tourist destination for several decades. Unfortunately since the premier resort has numerous ownership changes over the years, the quality of professional services and revenue has fallen down sharply. In this challenging situation, the resort’s operation manager Rebecca Boddington promoted a long-time employee Michael Welland to become the snack bar supervisor. At the first time, Michael turned down Boddlington’s promotion offer because he got a better job as a sales associate with good pay and benefits. However since then, Rebecca held a
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Regrettably, the Waterview is always short on managers and because of the shortage of management. Rebecca has to take on more job duties and responsibilities that would not have happened if the resort has enough managers on a daily basis. As a result, Rebecca is always exhausted, stressful and easily distracted during work and off work. She occasionally works six to seven days a week, from early in the morning till late at night. Moreover, Rebecca also took-on scheduling and inventory management for the Water view’s snack bar; so she rarely have breaks. Thus, she lost control of the management team and brought herself a lot of arguments and conflicts.
First, Mark should become the peacemaker and resolve his employees’ conflicts in 3 days. Second, both managers and employees need additional training on a quarterly basis to improve their competence level and sense of responsibilities. Third, organization should find ways to improve workplace communication, relationships between employees and management and motivations to improve employee’s competitiveness to increase sales revenue.
Based on my first goal, the alternative is to fix the lack of communications between Rebecca and Michael as soon as possible. In this case, Mark could arrange a casual dinner, so they could meet each other and talk things through about their issues and conflicts with each other. Also, they could discuss about some company’s rules in the future, Rebecca should take