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Felicia Watson 4/3/2015 Ashford University ENG125 Professor Joshua Mills

The first story that I picked was Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken. To me this is one of the most misunderstood poems that I have ever read. It starts with a person standing at a fork in the road. Both ways are both the same, worn out and covered with leaves. Then he chooses one and states that he will take the other one another day. But all the while knowing that it will be unlikely that he will get the opportunity to do so. Then he admits that in the future he will try something different meaning he will take the road less traveled. The second story that I chose was The Welcome Table by Alice Walker. This is about an African American woman who walks many miles to worship at an all Caucasian church. It’s told in third person but you can still feel the fear of the Caucasian members as though they are either frightened of her, feel invaded by her, or even feel threatened just by her being there. They threw her out of the church and then the story states that she took a walk with Jesus and some people say that she walked herself to death and others think she had family that she went and stayed with. I believed that she died of heartache and she went to Heaven. This book explores how relationships between different races were in the South and how African Americans were treated.. To me the similarities between these two was that they had to make decisions which will impact…