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11) _ are the units of measurement for period
120_ is the number of waves in one second
13) _ is the point on a longitudinal wave where the particles are left densely
14)_ 340 meters per second
15)_ is the amount of time to make one wave
16)when period decreases frequency_
17) _ are the units of measurement for wave speed
18)the amplitude of a wave is directly related to the _ of a wave
19) _ is when a natural frequency equals the frequency of a vibrating object and as a result a dramatic increase occurs
20) _ is the part of a tranverse wave that results from constructive interference
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V=wavelength * frequeny
Time = 1/frequency
1) A drum vibrates 180 in 2 seconds. If the speed of sound is 340 meters per second,what the period, frequency, and wavelength of the wave produced by the drum. 2) A dog whistle is designed to produce a sound wih a frequency beyond that which can be herd by humans (btween 20,000 herts and 27,000 hetz.) If a particular whistle produces a sounf with a frequency of 2.5 8 10 to th forth power herts, what is the sound wave length. Assume the speed of sound in air is 331 meters per second 3) Cicavas produce a buzzing sound that has a wavelength in the air of 2.69 meters. If the speed of sound in the air is 346 meters per second, what is the frequency of the sounf produced by a Cicava. What is the period. 4) If you want to change the pitch of a wave, what property of the wave do you change. 5) If you…