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Dear Wawa,
As a former New Jersey resident, Wawa became a part of my everyday life. However, within this last year my family and I have relocated and now reside in North Carolina. And sadly, we have had to adjust and learn to cope with having no more Wawa locations. As you can imagine, this is very difficult when going from a town with 3 Wawa locations alone, to where the closest one is over 3 hours away. Although there are other stores that could help fill this empty hole, truthfully these stores just do not cut it and only make my craving for Wawa even stronger. Places such as Sheetz and Kangaroo do not stand a chance against Wawa. I strongly believe if Wawa were to add locations further south past Virginia, and possibly even expand nationwide, it would be extremely profitable, because it is true: "You gotta have a Wawa." But if you were to actually expand, I would urge you to start in North Carolina, for the Carolinians, as well as everyone in the world, needs to know what it's like to taste true greatness and happiness. Do it for the people who have never tasted Cookies N' Cream Milk, or have never had a quick pre-made Bacon, Egg, and Cheese on a Bagel in the morning when in a rush, or have never had Wawa Half Gallon Tea's, Quesadillas, or Mac N' Cheese- do it for the ones who have never tasted the brew of a fresh pot of Wawa Coffee mixed with your own beautiful, rich creamer of your choice- grab the Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Irish Cream, or whatever your taste buds