Ways of Meditation Essay

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There are various ways in which a person can feel enlightened or stabilized through meditation and each individual has their own way in which they feel most able to access such a state of mind and being. Throughout my day, there are many different distractions and events that occur that jumble my sense of perspective on the world; things get more emotional, more aggressive or irritating, et.
Through meditation, I have found that there are no ways to go about ignoring these occurrences, they are bound to happen to each and every individual in the world because that is a part of life. Yet, there is a way to remove your mind from being enveloped into a bubble of emotions in which the individual lives in order to view life from an extracted perspective. Although, in order to achieve this, one must devote time for practice wherein by eliminating all the thoughts that pop into one’s mind during the practice, one is able to clear their head and stabilize themselves, internally and externally, in order to find a peaceful lieu. After the practice is over, there is great sense of haute thinking, almost as if you aren’t even down on Earth. Rather, it feels as though you are looking down upon the world and it is with this clear mind and thought, that one is able to conquer the trials and tribulations of life without falling down a hole of disparity and depression that many, including myself, have gone through. The wisdom I have learned from meditation is that it is…