12 Angry Men Essay

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Nathan Vasquez 10/15/12

12 Angry Men
The 12 angry men are a group of jurors. That are deciding whether a 18 year old boy is guilty for killing his father or not. In the beginning when the jurors are in the room they take a vote whether the boy is guilty or not and 11 of the jurors vote that he is guilty and 12 of them so not. And when they all ask why he votes guilty he says that boy deserves a discussion over his life. In the end they all make a dission that the boy is not guilty and the fats that they all stated the time where he was explaining that anyone who know how to use a switich blade stabs up because they waste to much time to make the knife point down into the ground.
Juror number 3 was trying to explain that the women that witnessed the killing saw everything. And juror number 9 was saying that the women had markings on her nose the same exact marking that juror number 3 had because of his glasses. So he was saying that it is possible that the women could not see everything and she could of thought she saw it but number 3 was to stubborn to confess that he was right.and before they made the point of the women did not have her glasses on juror number 8 was saying that there could have been another knife exactly like that one so he takes a knife out of his pocket and says that he bought the same exact knife two blocks from the boys house so after all that arguing juror number 3 was the only one that did not agree until the finnaly