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Derwin Joza
WCIV 102

This reading was about how the beginning of how humans first came into existence. First people started to find various fossils and skeletal remains of older variations of humans. When Darwin found some fossils, he began to theorize that humans first originated from Afirca since they had a lot of similar genetic information with gorillas and ape-like creatures. He began to say that they became the way they are now by the process of evolution as they went through many transformations to better survive in their environments. As they began to migrate to different areas of the world, they were able to adapt to their environment. Their was also mention of the different climate changes throughout the ages, the many Ice Ages that took place. It explained the various stages of evolution from the homo habilis all the way to the homo sapiens who are the current model of humans today. Our first tools were discovered in the Stone Age, were things were made of bone, skin, wood and other materials. There were too stages of the Stone Age, the Paleolithic Age and the Neolithic age where the rise of agriculture is associated with. Instead of being foragers an scavengers, people decided to raise crops and domesticate animals to help with their civilizations. We learn that there is a set role for the men and the women where the men would hunt and gather food while the women would take care of tasks at home. Gathering and cooking, they were responsible for