We All Learn Essay

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We All Learn
“And if in some distant place in the future we see each other in our new lives, I'll smile at you with joy and remember how we spent the summer beneath the trees, learning from each other and growing in love.”
Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook Humans have a sensational way of learning. We learn from books, from people, from the world spinning around us. We are constantly pelted with deopportunities to learn aknd to some degree, we all gleam with pride and bliss when we catch those endless opportunities. I see a three-year-old girl runs up to her aunt smiling and tugs at her hand to show her the new and exciting letter “R” she learned at day-care that day. A twelve-year-old cries because she learned that the perfectly timed and written world she watches in movies that always seems to have a happy ending does not exist. Two sixteen-year-olds smile at each other more genuinely than they ever have with eyes barely two inches away from one another when they learn that hearts are so much more than the organs you learn about in the health science class at school. Education isn’t limited to the obvious. We all learn from everywhere, everything, at every second of the day. Learning is power; that is why we crave education. Even if the education we desire is not out of a book or by a teacher, we need to learn. We teach ourselves how to extend our emotional lives and make it through the chaos we are faced with throughout our lives. When people around us try tao deprive us of learning, we learn how to fight; how to fight with our craving for education and how to survive with the lack of utterly joyous moments of understanding something new. In Afghanistan, women learn how to fight that battle daily. In their society, men are superior. However, even with this superiority, they still feel the need to steal the opportunity of education from the women. Why? Those men crave power like humans crave education, and yes, those menah and humans are not of the same species. Any thing that deprives a human of learning for the single goal of keeping the power away from those humans does not have the privilege of calling themselves a human. Humans learn and humans teach. For as long as time has been passing, we have learned. In Old English, “learn” and teach” were the same exact thing, with the two often being tossed back in forth in conversation as substitutes for each other. Why did that change? We learn, and we teach others what we learned, and as we teach, we learn the ways and pick the brains of the ones receiving our knowledge. They were, and still are, the same thing. Wea will learn and teach and teach and learn for as long as we are breathing. Who taught the world? Who showed the world the letter