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We all have them, siblings! I have two older brothers. One is nineteen and the other one is twenty four. For some reason our day isn’t complete until one of us plots to get someone else into trouble. Its several events that has caused me to get into trouble over my brothers. Now, I’m not going to lie to you, sometimes it was my own fault but for the most part I still blame them for everything. I’ve come to realize that at times I simply have bad luck. By the time I’ve finished my speech, you will know how my two accidents and both of my brothers set up are reasons that i have bad luck.
I was fifteen years old and my parents just bought me a car. My mom was letting me drive for the first time. We went everywhere that day and I was happy to be behind the wheel. Our last stop was Wal-Mart and she asked me to drop her off at the door and park the car. I drove away to look for a parking spot. I finally found one and thought I was a pro. I cut the wheel to close and smashed the car into a red truck. I panicked and couldn’t get my car off the red truck. So I cut the car off and ran in Wal-Mart like I was crazy, yelling and screaming my mother’s name until I found her, explaining to her what had just happened. We waited in that parking lot for hours until the officer finally arrived. I didn’t drive my car until about six months later.
It was the day of my graduation and I was feeling myself a little after I walked across the stage. Now y’all know after a big event like that, I had to what do the kids say now a days “turn up”. The word on facebook, twitter, and instagram was that someone was throwing a house party. Now I can’t dance to save my life but that’s not the point. I told my parents when and where I was going to be at and who I was going to be with and they was fine with it. I began to get dressed and told my girls that I’ll be ready in an hour. All dolled up, I made my way to the door. I started the car, and put in my favorite cd. I put the car in reverse and started to back up out of my drive way and I swear it came out of nowhere. One minute it was clear and the next minute bam! I hit my brother’s car. All of my friends were out having a blast and I was at