We Are Limited From Doing Certain Things That Would Make Us Different?

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Granted, being human beings we are limited from doing certain things that would make us "different". The world doesn't work on how you think or imagine. It won't change the amount of time left in class simply because you want school to be out. It won't fly by so you won't have to be in a certain situation any longer than you want to be in. Life, in the physical aspect, is just a lot arduous work without the promising rewards your mind might think up. Yet, many believe "if they put their minds to it" they can change the outcome of something. Yes, if you stay focused, an individual can get some work done, but that doesn't mean they'll be completely joyous about it mentally. In this society we live in it seems that the older, and smarter, one gets they're opinions about certain things aren't as appreciated or wanted as they used to be. For instance, many learn from experience that lying has some serious ramifications, but when you tell the truth, on certain occasions, you'll get the same consequences. It’s a lose-lose situation, that silently suppresses my opinions. As an individual grows older they become more independent, maybe not move out and get an apartment independent, but mentally they'll start to question things.
Possibly once someone hits the ripe age of thirteen they'll start questioning things, simple things, such as why something is done, why isn't there a simpler way, and what happens if it's not done in that certain way. The topic to this story would have to be thoughts and what causes us to become curious as to why things work. Honestly, most my teenage life I've been wondering why things work and asking over a billion semi-logical questions. Why is the earth round and not flat or maybe even square? Is the world really ending sometime in 2012? Aren't we aliens? If so doesn't that mean the "air" we breathe is poisonous to other life forms far out in space? Since we are living creatures that must mean there are others in this universe correct? Am I really thinking straight or am I actually insane and haven't taken it into consideration? Yet I achieve mental satisfaction from engaging in these thoughts on the human thought process and the human condition. I'm only sixteen. Could I be over thinking everything?
I can never remember the precise moment when I slip from the tired hands of reality into blissful unconsciousness. The period of time when my imagination takes control and my being exists only in the depths of my sub-conscience. Free from a world of stress and responsibility I am able to release myself from everything which has bored, bothered, badgered and burdened me throughout a cruel day of being awake. Concerns and consequences are all but abolished in the place where I set the laws as well as break them.
It’s difficult to describe this paradise that is my dreams. They are a realm of possibilities; things which mere humans can only ponder about and laugh at with their eyes open may occur to me whilst walking down a street. The land which I inhabit most nights is filled with breath taking beauty. Deep green rainforests lead onto the crystal blue shores of a vast ocean, depending on which way you turn next, you will glance upon both rolling hills and valleys, or the golden expanse of never ending desert, bereft from blemish. Of course these lands are far too picturesque to be inhabited solely by me. There are humans of all races, many of whom are recognizable from my other life. Animals, far too many species to count, many which are extinct and even more which are yet to be discovered. Captivating mermaids and hideous orcs; adorable talking ferrets and terrifying giant spiders; huge mythical