Essay on We Are Molded by Society

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why do we do what we do. we are molded by society to live by their rules, their expectations. However, no one questions this. why is that? why do we allow ourselves to live and follow the rules of others instead of our own. who is another to say what is right and what is wrong, who is another to say what i can and cannot do, who is another to judge me and the life i choose to live.

you are the one living your life and what you see is right or wrong differs from one person to the next. we are not born into this world with a rule book or set guidelines we must follow, there is no punishment except for the ones we allow others to create for us. everyone has their own issues thier own problems and their own battles inside bitching about your problems is a waste of time venting is complaining about a problem you either are to weak to fix to scarred to face or to immature to handle it is a waist of time when nothing can change what has already happened everything in this life is a result of the choices and actions you made the day before there is no one to blame but yourself in this life, this life is self-inflicted we cause our own pain and our own downfall no matter what the situation is when you search for the core of the problem it will Always come back to you we create our own reality .that is the reality of this life but we are all to blind and immature to realize it and we go about wasting precious time complaining about things that cannot be changed and are only a…