We Are Seriously In Need Of More Effective Ways To Improve Crime

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My name is Veronica Johns and I am here to present you, my community with a proposal. We are seriously in need of more effective ways to improve the crime around us, Listed below are just two ideas I formulated to give you an idea of data collection techniques and the pros and cons of them if possibly used
First, it’s my belief that observational and interview research could be conducted around the neighborhood to get some up close and personal data from those around us. This could help recognize the types of crimes that tend to get committed consistently. It could also display the type of information we need to see why these types of crimes are committed. Interviewing individuals helps us gather information on various types of behaviors, the people who have committed crimes in the pass by asking basic questions, and gives us a visual on who is likely to keep committing crimes. On the other hand, if participants are not willing to participate in this type of observation, interviews, or surveys then we could have questionable data as well as under reporting.
We could also incorporate the Uniform Crime Report to see if it would help our community in the search of effective crime prevention methods. UCR is basically information that is collected from police departments that contain kept records of things such as arrests and many of the crimes committed across the nation. These types of crime reports can be used as a reliable source and have proven to be consistent. This